Totally forgot about this but i doodled a don’t starve version of myself earlier when i was bored, instead of drawing actual fan art like an asshole

Don’t even attempt to read my god awful writing, here’s what it says

Wednesday(because I’m so original), the navigator

"you’re so pretty."

16 years old, female, looks like a guy

  • blind
  • can navigate in the dark
  • quicker health drain
  • winter = bad
  • immune to hallucinations
  • will kick your ass with her seeing cane

Shes relatively stick thin and wears warm clothes, so winters are a big danger zone and her health drains quicker. Affects of low sanity don’t take total affect until they’re almost gone, she’ll hear voices and go on a sensory over load or how ever you wanna describe it.

also dyke hair and the cross on her sweater blah blah

idk that’s it, if i ever made a legit oc it definitely would not be this girl, since we already have enough Katie clones…

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